There are two ways to download a Threads video. First is using an online Threads Video Downloader and second is using a mobile app that lets you download videos on your device directly.

How to Download Threads Videos Online

Downloading videos from Threads online couldn't be easier. Just go to Threads Video Downloader, enter the link to the Thread you want to download from and click on Download.

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You'll then be taken to a download page where you can choose your preferred video quality and download the video by clicking on the Download button. That's it.

Threadster download results

How to Download Threads Videos Using Threadster

If you download a lot of videos from Threads, using a mobile app is a lot more convenient. Threadster for Android is the best mobile Threads Video Downloader we came across during our research. It's easy to use and it just works.

How to Use Threadster to Download Videos from Threads

First up, download the Threadster mobile app from the Google Play Store. Once the app is installed, you're halfway there. Inside the Threads app, go to the video you want to download and click on the Send arrow below the Thread. From the list of options, select Share Link.

Threadster to Download Videos from Threads

After that, select Threadster from the list of apps to start your video download. The Threadster app will open automatically and initiate the video download for you. The video is stored in your phone's gallery under the folder called Threadster.

Threadster to Download Videos from Threads